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CDHRI in the News

اسامی خودکشی دادگان و به قتل رسیدگانی که صرفا در بازداشتگاهها به شهادت رسیدند به این شرح می باشد.

. 1_ سینا قنبری، تهران 2_ محسن عادلی، دزفول 3_ وحید حیدری، اراک 4_ سارو فهرمانی ، سنندج 5_ کیانوش زندی، سنندج 6_ علی پولادی، چالوس 7_ محمد نصیری، زنجان 8_حسین قادری،

San Diegans stage rally in support of Iran protests

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8


San Diego Broadway in front of Horton Plaza Between 3rd and 4th Sunday Jan. 7, 2008 1:00 to 3:00pm

Be the Voice of the Labor Movement Political Prisoner, Reza Shahabi

According to a statement released by the family, Reza Shahabi, a political prisoner and a labor movement leader suffered a stroke in the prison three days ago and is in critical condition. Reza Shahabi is one of the founders of Tehran’s mass transit company’s labor syndicate. 

Political Prisoner Ahmad-Reza Jalali in Danger of Execution

Reliable news sources report that Mr. Ahmad-Reza Jalali’s death sentence has been upheld by the Iranian supreme court.  Mr. Jalali’s family and his lawyer have vehemently protested the ruling and have asked all the international human rights organizations to do their utmost to

What we stand for

Coalition for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran (CDHRI) is a coalition of Iranian Americans with different political tendencies and backgrounds who have come together to promote the common goal of defending democracy and human rights in Iran.
Our vision for the future of Iran is to have governance that is elected in a democratic and transparent election, representing the will of the majority of Iranians while recognizing the rights of the minority and staying committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenants and Conventions. A system in which laws and the judicial system are not based on religious beliefs but on modern legal principals and the will of the populous, freedom of parties, assembly, media and expression as well as individual freedoms are respected. And a system in which men and women would have equal rights and no one is discriminated against because of his/ her gender, race or beliefs.
We extend our hand to all individuals and groups who share this vision for cooperation and hope that together be able to help reflect the voices of the oppressed people of Iran and raise the awareness of our community.