2010 February

2010 February Events

22 Bahman Joint Demonstration (February 11, 2010)
February 11 th (22 Bahman, in Iranian calendar) marks the anniversary of the Iran’s 1979 revolution. In its
quest for maximizing the support for Iranian people’s rights, CDHRI orchestrated its first joint event with
Iran Peace 2009 in organizing a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with 22 Bahman demonstrations in
Iran. The collaboration between the two groups resulted in more than 250 San Diegans gathering in down
town between 5:30 and 8:00 pm on Thursday, Feb 11th. The diversity of participants was quite notable as
people were invited to bring their own flags, posters, or other signs of protest against the violation of
human rights in Iran. The event started with Iran national anthem and continued with screening pictures
and news reports of the protests in Iran since June 2009. A group of five volunteers performed the
imprisonment of protestors in symbolic manners. As the crowd grew, the participants started to march
down the 4th avenue to Market Street and 5th Avenue and back to their starting point in Broadway and
4th. Several media reporters were present to take pictures, record the event, and interview the
spokespersons of both groups and covered it at Thursday evening new sessions of local TV channels.
Chanting slogans and holding candles continued peacefully till 8:00 pm.

CDHRI coordinates events of variety to help bring awareness to the struggle for human rights and democracy in Iran. You can view our past and pending events here on this site. To propose and event use the contact sheet form under the contact us option.

– Demonstration in support of people in Iran
– February 11th, downtown – Broadway in front of fountain from 5:30 to 8:00 pm
IranPeace2009 and Coalition for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran invite you to: Join the world-wide
protests against human rights violations in Iran on the 31st anniversary of 1979 Revolution
The grass-root movement for freedom and democracy in Iran has entered a new phase. The escalation of
violence and increase in arrests, imprisonment, torture, prison rape, and execution of the protesters by
the ruling theocracy has sparked an outcry in the international Human Rights community. Every day more
and more ordinary people, intellectuals and even clerics join in to condemn these human rights violations
and to demand a democratic and free Iran.
On the anniversary of 1979 revolution at February 11th (22 Bahman), as people in Iran prepare for yet
another mass protest, we, in San Diego will come together to show our solidarity with this movement in
condemning the gross violations of Human Rights and voicing the suppressed outcry of democratic
change in Iran.
Join us February 11th, Downtown San Diego in front of Horton Plaza by the fountain on Broadway Ave
From 5:30 to 8:00pm in support of freedom-seeking people of Iran.

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