2010 January

2010 January Event: Afternoon with Ahmad Batebi

Afternoon with Ahmad Batebi – Mr. Ahmad Batebi, a human rights activist and former political prisoner,
became the face of the 1999 student uprisings in Iran after his picture appeared on the cover of The
Economist July 17, 1999 issue. Residing in Washington DC, he was invited by CDHRI to attend a
gathering on January 24, 2010, held at UC San Diego multi-purpose room. Over 150 people, attended the
three hour long program to listen enthusiastically to Mr. Batebi retelling his first-hand experiences with the
prison guards, investigators, and the juridical system in Islamic Republic of Iran. His speech was
delivered in Farsi and was simultaneously translated to English for non-Farsi speakers among the
audience. As this was the first time that the audience, eager to learn more about the younger generation
activists had a chance to directly hear Mr. Batebi, the second half of the program was dedicated to a lively
question and answer session which continued on to the campus grounds even after the program was
officially over.

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