2013 September

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On Tuesday September the 3rd 2013, Iranian-Americans in San Diego have protested recent atrocities by Iraqi government against political refugees in Camp Ashraf during which 52 people were massacred. KUSI covered and aired the protest on the same day. Thanks to KUSI for informing the public about human rights violation.


Hello Hamvatans:

What can I say at a time like this? All I can do is to remind everyone that despite all the cosmetic changes and decades that have gone by, the IRI is still a murdering machine which will not change its nature and will not forgo revenge.

The Sepaah statement has clearly shown their great joy at this massacre of unarmed opposition activists, on the anniversary of the assassination of ” Rajaii and Bahonar”. Even though the cannibal factions in Iran have always blamed that bombing on an internal conflict perpetrated by the “moderate” Bahzad Nabavi ( they always claimed there is a complete file on this in the judiciary which has never been brought to trial), they still use such justifications for killing their opponents. This is another feather in Rouhani’s cap.

What if they had had killed over 55 opposition leaders and activists in Los Angeles? That would have been the end of the world !  ( and believe me they will when they can  – for example in case of an American attack on Iran). This is the same.

Regardless of whether we are for or against the Mojahedin, as long as we are opposed to the IRI, we must oppose this massacre ( and please don’t put any “but”s in your statements (!)  I humbly propose that all opposition organizations put out statements condemning this.





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