Be the Voice of the Labor Movement Political Prisoner, Reza Shahabi

According to a statement released by the family, Reza Shahabi, a political prisoner and a labor movement leader suffered a stroke in the prison three days ago and is in critical condition.

Reza Shahabi is one of the founders of Tehran’s mass transit company’s labor syndicate.  He also served as a Board member of the Syndicate.  Mr. Shahabi was arrested on June 2, 2010 and was charged with instigating negative propaganda against the Islamic regime of Iran. Subsequently he was sentenced to six-year imprisonment.  Mr. Shahabi and twenty other political prisoners in Gohardasht prison located in the city of Karaj, had gone on hunger strike as a protest for the extension of their prison terms earlier in August.

Mr. Shahbi’s wife, Robabeh Rezaei, who met her husband in the prison, said that her husband has lost movement on his face due to the stroke.  Mrs. Rezaii and a number of other labor movement political prisoners’ relatives stated that they would stage a protest rally in front of the Co-op Ministry.  Reports indicate that Mrs. Rezaii and fifty others were arrested by the Iranian regime’s security forces subsequently.

Coalition for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran pleas with the labor and human rights organizations to protest against the Iranian regime and demand Mr. Shahabi’s immediate release.  We also encourage the Iranian-Americans to contact the international human rights organizations and urge them to register their protest with the Iranian regime for the mistreatment of the political prisoners, Mr. Shahabi, and his wife Mrs. Rezaei.


Coalition for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran

December 26, 2017

Political Prisoner Ahmad-Reza Jalali in Danger of Execution

Reliable news sources report that Mr. Ahmad-Reza Jalali’s death sentence has been upheld by the Iranian supreme court.  Mr. Jalali’s family and his lawyer have vehemently protested the ruling and have asked all the international human rights organizations to do their utmost to prevent the execution.

Mr. Jalali who is a permanent resident of Sweden worked as a research associate at the university of Karolinski in Stockholm.  Early last year, at the invitation of University of Tehran, Mr. Jalali travelled to Iran and subsequently was arrested on April 26th and was deceptively charged with spying for hostile governments.

The Coalition for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran demands the immediate release of Mr. Ahmad-Reza Jalali and pleas with the international human rights organizations and the freedom loving people to do their utmost to save his life.

The Human Rights Watch Organization and Amnesty International Organization have issued demands for the immediate release of Mr. Jalali.

Coalition for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran

December 15, 2017

Panel Discussion on Crime against Humanity in Iran-October 2010

The discussion panel will include:


image009Jamal Khoshnood is one of the very few political prisoners who had witnessed and has survived the massacre of political prisoners in Iran at summer of 1988.


مکانSan Diego Mesa College, Room G-101

7250 Mesa College Drive • San Diego, California • 92111-4998


زمان: Saturday October 30th from 2 – 6 p.m.


میزبان: “ ائتلاف برای دموکراسی و حقوق بشر در ایران” و “ سازمان عفو بین الملل